Ups and downs

The news this week has been about the world stock markets which dropped suddenly and then have been up and down in wide swings nearly every day. Whether one has invested in the stock market or not, the news about the world economy has implications for all of us.  The down days bring concern to many people while the up days bring more hope.

There are ups and downs in many aspects of life.  I have experienced plenty of ups and downs in my own life and I’ve also noted in these last few weeks the swings in life situations of others.  I realize, more than ever, that one can hardly talk about disabilities and faith without dealing extensively with the “up and down” nature of life.

We often experience a down time when first dealing with the immediate implications of disabilities in ourselves or those closest to us. A serious accident, the birth of a child with developmental disabilities, or the sudden onset of a physical or mental illness can throw our world for a spin.

Then, gradually, facing the challenges with some success can lead to a steadily rising hope. Rehabilitation therapy helps to recover previous abilities.  A specially tailored school program helps a child to learn in ways that were not thought possible. The right medication can set the stage for a renewed health and wholeness.

Yet, our bodies and minds are intricately made and the effects of our environment can interrupt the gradual progress upward, sending us quickly into a tailspin again.  A new injury, an unkind remark, a very difficult experience, or a side effect from a medication, can send us once again on a downward trajectory.

God is with us in the ups and downs of life. A faith community can provide the stability and support of “God with us” in trying times.  In a future posting, I will consider this subject further as we dig deeper into what it means to live in a world of ups and downs.

Blessings to you and those you love!

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