All of us adapt to our environment in certain ways. However, persons with special needs require special adaptations in order to function to their fullest capacity.

Most often, the nature of the disability requires supportive persons to provide those adaptations. Those who have greater abilities need to be creative in adapting to persons with special needs and providing the tools to help achieve greater skills.

The adaptation pages are based on the needs of the person and their stage in life.

The process begins for babies and pre-school children with early intervention services.

School-age children receive the most adaptive services through special education. In addition to the formal school structures there are many special methods and systems to address specific needs.

Adaptive equipment is often associated with those who have physical disabilities. However, new technologies provide an increasing array of wonderful tools to assist those with cognitive disabilities as well.
General Information is the federal government website for comprehensive information on disability programs and services nationwide.  Sections include everything from employment, housing, and technology.

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