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Hello!  My name is Paul Leichty.

I began Companion Resources in 1997 out of a desire to bring the resources of modern Internet technology to individuals, families, and small innovative organizations whose desire is to build community in our fragmented society.

As a Christian minister in the city, I became involved in community development projects as a way to bring renewal to both churches and city neighborhoods.

As a parent as well as a pastor, I was confronted with the challenges of persons with disabilities and chronic mental illness.

As a person, I have been challenged to come to terms with my own strengths and weakness, abilities and disabilities, allowing both sides of who I am to join with the gifts of others to do more good than we could ever do by ourselves.

In the process of building community, I have learned that sometimes one has to start with the very basics, becoming a friend or companion to the very person who is most marginalized from the community that already exists.  Such relationships of companionship go way beyond any professional helping role.  What is needed is building relationships of friendship and mutual respect so that our gifts can complement each other for the greater good of all.

The Internet is no substitute for these “flesh and blood” relationships.  Yet this site is about linking people to each other and to resources to help those relationships happen.

So welcome to Companion Resources!  Happy exploring!  And feel free to send your feedback!

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