International Links

The following links represent a growing international awareness of Fragile X Syndrome.  Many are in languages other than English.

Asociación Europea Síndrome X Frágil

Síndrome X Frágil en Argentina

Fragile X Association of Australia

Fragiel x-syndroom  Belgium

Associação X-Frágil do Brasil   – in Portuguese

See also the following regional group in Brazil:
Associação Catarinense do X-Frágil (A-X-FRA/SC)

Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada In English and French

Interessengemeinschaft Fragiles-X e.V. German Parents Group. Some translation from German to English.

La Federación Española de Asociaciones del Síndrome X Frágil
Spanish federation of associations. See also the following regional sites in Spain:

Fundación IMABIS  (The Mediterranean Institute for the Advance of Health Biotechnology and Health Research) Spanish research site.

Mosaïques Association des “X Fragile”  French site.

Irish Fragile X Society

Föreningen Fragile-X – Sweden

Associação Portuguesa do  Síndrome do XFrágil – Portugal

Conquer Fragile X, Inc.
A foundation that focuses on the international scene, although run from the U. S.  Has sections on education, research, and family support.

Fragiele X and Nederlandse Fragile X Website (Netherlands)

The Fragile X Society – United Kingdom

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