Life Planning

In our society, children are expected to gradually gain independence from their parents as they get into their late teens and early 20’s. However, parents of children with significant disabilities or chronic mental illness must often come to terms with the vulnerability of their children for a lifetime–even beyond the time that they as parents are alive and able to care for their loved ones.

Often government programs can help with the minimum needs of housing and food. But parents who are concerned about the quality of life beyond the physical necessities will want to provide more.

Life planning that takes seriously quality of life, of necessity involves financial planning. The complexities involved in financial planning for children with special needs are formidable. Financial planning experts are helpful, and a lawyer is essential. However, not all professionals in these fields are well-versed in the relevant laws.

Here, then, are informational links to the major issues that need to be considered. It is important to know what the issues are and to make sure that your lawyer is also well-versed in the relevant law.

This page tries to look at the total picture of the quality of life for the person with disabilities. Many parents need to know more about government programsEstate planning is a key component when considering the total picture.

Related pages look at other planning issues that need to be considered, including residential services and vocational options.

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