The principles of love and non-violence can be applied in all aspects of human affairs.  This page is inspired by the writing and work of John J. McGee, which has come to be known by the name of his most well-known book, Gentle Teaching.   Gentle Teaching is a nonviolent and non-aversive concept for caregiving that works to create feelings of safety and love in the context of a community of true companionship and interdependence.

McGee’s work has been most often applied in settings where caregivers work with persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, illnesses associated with aging, and in the criminal justice system. However, its implications are profound for general family life and human relationships as well.

Gentle Teaching International The official home of Gentle Teaching International. Includes articles, stories, persons and organizations involved in Gentle Teaching.   Not the easiest site to navigate, but a wealth of material for the digging.

Gentle Teaching
This is the home page of a nonviolent approach for helping children and adults with special needs. It is maintained by the Foundation for Gentle Teaching in the Netherlands, but this section is entirely in English. It includes sections on Basic Values, Quality of Life, Sensory Integration (an important topic!), Defining the quality of life-profile, Psychology of Interdependence, and a Personal Teaching Plan.

Globe Star
“Mentoring a Spirit of Gentleness for Individuals with Disabilities” is the sub-title to this new site whose vision is to go beyond just Gentle Teaching to promoting a high “Quality of Life” for all persons.

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