Families and companions build bridges from persons with special needs to the communities to which they belong. Often this effort requires specialized resources. Information is important so that companions can understand the special needs and communicate them clearly to others who relate to the person. Resources of support and encouragement are also helpful from persons who understand firsthand the challenges of a particular special need.

Today’s technology puts a wealth of information at our fingertips. The telephone and computer also enable us to build new kinds of communities (sometimes called “virtual communities”) of specialized support to supplement our face-to-face communities.

There are many resources on the Internet on the topic of health.  The Health page focuses on more general health concerns, especially from a more holistic viewpoint.  A separate Medical page offers links with more specific or specialized information.  Most often, these pages will be starting points for doing searches on particular topics that are not (yet) covered adequately in the Learning Center.

It should also be noted that on almost every page, a Google search feature allows you to search either the entire site or the entire Internet.  In addition, as the site grows, books, videos, and other resources that supplement the topics covered on each page will be added.  Ordering your resources through the links provided helps support the maintenance of the Companion Resources site.

Sometimes, just dealing with the Internet itself can be daunting.  The Info page gives links for some of the best tools on the web and a page of miscellaneous links rounds out this section.

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