Newsletter – July, 2001

**Companion Resources Newsletter**

edited by Paul D. Leichty

Volume 3, No. 7 July 2001

This month’s newsletter comes at a busy time, so will consist mainly of news items and coming features on the Companion Resources website.

I am preparing to conduct a couple of workshops for parents and other family members of persons with developmental disabilities. As I do this, I am adding new pages and new links to the Companion Resources website. So visit the site over the next month at and see what new resources you can find.

Many of the new materials pertain to subjects like these:

1. Life planning for persons with special needs.

2. Residential options for adults with developmental disabilities.

3. Vocational options and resources

4. Financial planning

5. Education and adaptive equipment

I hope to feature some of the results of my research and some of the best new sites I’ve found in future editions of the Companion Resources Newsletter.


Doing all of this research has made me appreciate again how important a good search engine is to finding information on the Internet. Last month, I told you about Google ( (Nobody told me yet what a “google” is, though. :>])

I continue to be very impressed by Google. I am especially impressed by a free service of Google which allows users to add the search engine’s best features right onto the tool bar of your browser. That way, instead of having to go to a particular website to use Google, you can use it anytime you have your browser open. Go directly to and take a few minutes to download this nifty tool!


Well, that’s all I have time for right now! I’ll talk to you next month! Thanks for your support!

Paul D. Leichty

The Goldenrod Community

Middlebury, Indiana

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Companion Resources

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